Supper Clubs and Pop Ups


We dinner party in uncommon spaces! Once table, up to 40 guests, around four courses....sourced, procured, and foraged hyper-locally, paired with wine and beverages from near, and sometimes far, with lots of bits and bobs and intermezzos throughout! Desserts, sweets, and treats always follow.

Typically, a suggested donation of $125 per guest is asked. 

This is a reservation only event. Please ask to be added to the mailing list if you are interested in upcoming dines! 


Private Dining Events

We are available for all food-centric private events! Host your loved ones, a dinner for two,  have a double date, or throw your office party with Lovage & Co. in mind! 

Also, If you'd like to host our roaming supper club in your home, barn, tattoo parlor, empty swimming pool, metal shop, boat or boat building space, orchard, field, dock, roof, cliff, ledge or bluff, etc., please email us! Wherever it is we're down to throw a dinner party.



Be it a Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, or just a plain ol' Tuesday, let L&C create a cake for you! Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free... if you can dream it up, we can make it!


Food Packages and Delivery

Treat yo-self with a whole food, plant based, gut healthy, skin clearing, collagen plumping, nutrient dense eats! This is not a cleanse, this is real and healthy food! Feel the power of nutrient dense, trace mineral rich meals with life-force energy from real and whole ingredients! Feel free to have your package adjusted for your special dietary requirements. Participate in seasonal package offerings like the Spring-Clean- Eating Package offered in April of each year, and the Winter Warrior Package to help support your immunity before the cold-season, offered in November of each year.

Simply reach out to schedule your package deliver,  or host your own group of up to 5 friends and receive your own package 50% off! 


product 2.jpg

Product Development and Consultations

Chef Ryan Ross has worked in product development for drinks, snack, food lines, pastry cases, you name it! Also, hire L&C to consult for creating or revamping your menus, designing your kitchen space, and to format your culinary concept and hiring! We offer classes and trainings to creatively facilitate your vision of a consistently high quality concept and a consistent product.  We can equip your staff with the knowledge and and teach the skills it takes to execute your ideas and products efficiently and happily in their work place, and lastly to ensure that your vision is always on the cutting edge, ever- evolving, and always relevant with healthy and forward thinking cuisines and practices!